A place to learn, grow and serve


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Church of the Open Bible is seeking to discover a renewed vision for the future ministry of the church. It is an opportunity for the members and others to help establish a church that reflects a biblical mission in the context of local ministry. We are looking for people to join us as we discover how we can impact our community and the lives of people for the glory of God.


We believe you will find the people at COB to be:

  • A congregation with a unity of the Spirit
  • A welcoming people 
  • People who desire to serve our community
  • Worshipers sharing in an informal service, enjoying a blended music style
  • People committed to expressing biblical truth balanced by love and grace


Join us in our vision discovery

Were you ever part of a new discovery? Maybe it was a discovery about yourself? Or, a spiritual discovery that gave you new hope? New discoveries can be a special time in our lives.


We are ready to get to know and welcome new people to become a vital part of discovering a renewed vision. Our services celebrate who Jesus is in a "living room" environment. We define a "living room" as a gathering larger than a small group where we get to know each other and serve one another.


We are ready, willing, and desire to grow in maturity by growing in Christ through opening the Bible together.